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Friday, March 10, 2006

Ebonees' Pool Ch. 02
Ebonee conveniently changed the direction of our conversation to ask, “ Have you eaten today? It’s getting quite late and if you’ve been following that trail…. “
“Well” I replied “I did have some sandwiches at noon and I’ve got a thermos still half filled with coffee.”
“Oh come over here with me, I’ve got fruit and cheese, and I always bring too much, I’d just love to share it with a gallant gentleman.” She took me by the hand and led me through the pool to where her own pack was lying, shaded by the trees from the warm sun. Once we got settled and she started unpack a selection of delicacies she looked towards me, “David, you are going to have to play the gentleman again and get wet, there’s a bottle of Chardonnay keeping cool in the stream just below that rock.” In my new found and unexpected role as a gentleman, I leapt into the water to do her bidding and groped around in the bed of the pool. I eventually found the bottle and carried it like a trophy to the shore. As I passed it up to her I was halted in my tracks, I did a double take, and were my hands not otherwise occupied I would have rubbed my eyes in disbelief. It was patently obvious to me, that to compliment her bra-less state she was also devoid of any other underwear.
Now what should a gentleman have done, taken advantage of that poor defenceless pussy? Or should he (with difficulty) still play the part of a gentleman and have pretended that he has seen nothing?
MMmmmm another delightful dilemma, did she realise the view that that she was affording me? Or was she perhaps just innocently forgetful? I decided to assume the latter and averted my gaze, at least when she was looking in my direction, but when she was looking elsewhere, I once again played the voyeur casting surreptitious glances whenever the opportunity occurred.
I joined her on the rock, sitting opposite, and of course, slightly downhill from her. We began, what I thought would be a simple rustic meal. I did not realise that there was such a good delicatessen so far from New York City. A fine selection of cheeses; Dolcelatte from Italy, a strong Cheddar from England and a pungent Camembert from France, a selection of salad vegetables, sweet onions, new potatoes and tomatoes.
From time to time during our meal she changed position affording me a constantly changing view her intimate landscape, was she doing this deliberately to excite me? I wondered. After un corking the wine we found there was only one glass in the picnic hamper so I moved up to sit beside her so that we could both drink from that same glass, an even greater intimacy for us. I wondered, “If I dared to take this one stage further, would I get repulsed?”
Well I could but give it a try. I took the glass from her hand, had another sip of wine then placed the glass on the rock surface and gently held her hand. No resistance so far, I bought it to my lips and kissed her fingertips, her smile showed me that my action was welcomed. I turned her hand towards me and planted my lips firmly in her palm, there could be no mistaking my gesture, a kiss on the back of the hand is old world courtesy but a kiss in the palm is sensual to the nth degree. She left her hand in mine, she left that smile on her lips even as my tongue traced those crevices and lines which are supposed to foretell her future; perhaps they were to foretell a future when my tongue would trace another and more intimate crevice. My lips then kissed the inside of her wrist, of her elbow and followed a line straight to her lips and in reaching them, tasted her, first gently like a whisper, then with increasing passion ‘till we were both breathless. As I was about to make my next move in this amorous game of chess, she pulled away.
“Come,” She said, “This is getting me far too warm.” She stood up and taking me by the hand, lead me to the water edge and down into the pool. As we passed beneath the waterfall the uneven bottom of the pool once again got the better of her and she fell back into my arms. My left hand again made the acquaintance of her breast. This was becoming a habit, but a habit that I wanted to repeat more often. This time though I was not letting go and I felt her nipple again hardening between my fingers. This time too, I felt myself hardening, pressed hard against her bottom. We stood like that for many long minutes, I breathed in the fragrance of her hair and I gently massaged and squeezed her breast and all the time I was gently moving myself against her bottom. I felt myself getting harder than I ever thought possible and as I kissed the nape of her neck I realised that she could feel me getting hard as well.
No words passed between us, no words were needed as I felt two hands reaching towards me, unbuckling my belt, unzipping my zip and allowing my shorts to go into free fall around my ankles. Those two hands then pulled down my briefs, releasing my captive penis from his captivity and placing him in that far sweeter captivity of two loving hands. I allowed that one free hand that was holding her around the waist to stray to the hem of her dress and hoist it up to her midriff. My penis was then resting comfortably between the naked cheeks of her bottom. She parted her legs and bent slightly forward, and voila the deed was done. He slid easily into that warm, moist and welcoming pussy, thrust in hard and slid nearly out. Thrust in again and again but no longer could he slide out as he was gripped by a powerful force as her pussy closed around him. He was held captive but what a sweet captivity. What a sweet captivity, he would stay there forever if he could. Still no words passed between us. No words that make sense, words that were just noises, words like aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh and yesssssssssssss and ohhhhhhh and those words just melted into each other till they became one long sound of passion, at one with each other and at one with the natural world around us.
Two voices melting together, two bodies melting together and two explosive orgasms coming together yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
We stayed like that for some while, the cool spray from above contrasting with the warmth of our body’s, gradually she loosened her grip on me and gradually I deflated and eventually withdrew. She turned to face me and we held each other tightly and kissed, long and passionately on the lips. Eventually we loosened our grip on each other and I bent down to recover my shorts and briefs from the pool. “Come,” She said, taking hold this time not of my hand but my penis, “ We still have our dessert to finish,”
“Oh Ebonee, I thought that was our dessert,”
“No that was the main course, our dessert is still waiting for us,” And she lead me towards the bank, “And to think that this little thing could give me so much pleasure”
As we reached the bank I spread out my shorts and briefs to dry on the warm rock, and spread out myself on a towel, while Ebonee, still dressed, rummaged in the picnic basket for our dessert. Strawberries, peaches, a little cream from the cool bag and the Chardonnay was still cool enough to be palatable. She sat alongside me, spreading the rest of the picnic along my naked body.
Well for the first time in my life I was being used as a picnic table, a strange feeling but a delightful feeling all the same and Ebonee was contriving to be a very messy eater. The juice from the peaches, drops of cream, splashes of wine were all over my torso, from my chest down to my hmmmmmmm. Well, I thought, it would all wash off in the pool but she had other ideas. Rather nice ideas too and I felt her tongue running over my chest, not many hairs there to trap the cream and fruit juice, my belly button, well there was a little pool of wine there for her to lap up. Of course she managed to get most of everything trapped in my pubic hair and, rather than just licking it up she spread it all over that region with her fingers. Needless to say, by the time she had finished spreading the cream and the juice all over me, together with further liberal additions from the hamper, that penis, which had become so small had now become large enough to form an additional course to our meal and she tucked into it with relish.
Well she was not going to have this course all to herself and I found myself surprisingly close to that sweet spot that I have been admiring surreptitiously all afternoon. This was a meal that must be shared and I brought my lips close to that cleft. A kiss, another and yet another, that must be the key as it caused her thighs to part and I was faced with my dessert, a strawberry and chocolate confection, prepared I am sure by a maitre patisserie, wonderful in its complexity. I took a hesitant lick on the chocolate surround, and then I dipped my tongue into the strawberry coulis. Mmmmmm, exquisite, no cream or fruit juice needed here, this dish had it’s own sweet nectar, partly from her, partly from me and as I took that little red current between my lips, it produced yet more. I squeezed it and I teased it. I pulled it gently and I ran my tongue along it and with each movement I made her writhe and squirm and we rolled on the rock over and over and back again. Her thighs pressed tight around my head and I went, perforce, where she led. I knew she was moaning and I knew was screaming but I could not hear her. All I could feel was the sharpness of her intake of breath around my dick and her lips squeezing me spasmodically. Oh yes I knew that she was coming as, oh yessssssssssssssssss, I came too. Yes we came again in unison, gloriously, magnificently, stupendously.
And then relaxing, lying face to face. No I was not up to yet another session, twice a day is plenty for me, but for her, for us both, a few loving kisses when we could taste each other on each others lips, another glass of wine to refresh my well exercised tongue and then….
I hope that you enjoyed this story, whether you did or did not please give me feedback and dont forget to vote. Thankyou.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

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Monday, September 27, 2004

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


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Thursday, April 08, 2004

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